Wolfgang Steubl

The ensembles
with Viennese charm


Vienna is particularly rich when it comes to musical dynasties.
It is therefore not surprising that these dynasties also exist in the current Viennese orchestral scene.

Not many. But there are.

Passing on traditional, proven and cherished values is important to these people. The new generation of musicians continues to live these values in order to grow and open up to people.

This is how traditional Viennese music was lived and played, passed on from Professor Helmut Steubl to his son Wolfgang Steubl. Uncompromising when it comes to acting as musical ambassadors of "their city" Vienna and implementing the music of the world and when it comes to the quality of the music and the performances.

Even non-music experts know: Every note fits here. Every bar is as sonorous as it should be.

Whether you dance to the sounds of the Vienna Ball Orchestra, follow the rhythms of the Big Band or indulge in the sound of their little sister, the "Austria Swingtett": you will soon realise that people who know each other, respect each other and have an irrepressible joy in what they create, make music together: Playing the best music in the world for you, live and real.

So that your guests don't have to endure any musical interruptions at your event, hire the "Wiener Ballorchester Steubl" and the "Wolfgang Steubl BigBand" or the "Austria Swingtett" to organise your event. All orchestras are coordinated in such a way that there is a playful musical transition for the guests, which everyone will enjoy and find easy to follow.

Let yourself be carried away into the musical world of the "Orchester Steubl" with the following formations:

Grand Ballorchstra

A string orchestra playing waltz music by the Strauss family, Lanner, Lehár, Ziehrer and Kálmán is a must have at a typical Viennese ball.

Big Band

This sound corresponds exactly to the ideas of sophisticated dance music. The precise interpretation of standard and Latin American rhythms is a prerequisite for many ball organisers to hire this orchestra.

Austria Swingtett

The alternative to the BigBand for smaller venues or events is characterised in particular by its versatility.