Big band sound for any dance event.

Hardly anyone can escape the atmosphere when the big band starts playing and takes us into the great world of music.

Music and many very good musicians are the barometer for a very good mood - when heart, harmony, strength and energy are used correctly and together.

The "Wolfgang Steubl BigBand" is a guarantee that up to 14 musicians will shine together to make uniquely good music for people's ears. To reach their hearts as well.

It's great that the sounds of Glenn Miller still fascinate people and that music is understood as the language of all people. Because that is exactly what the "Wolfgang Steubl BigBand" stands for: to convey great, powerful music to everyone - with many special arrangements from the pen of Prof. Helmut Steubl. Simply unique.

The passionate musicians are responsible for the fact that dancing to the sounds of the "WSBB" to both standard and latin American rhythms is a real pleasure - because they are upbeat and absolutely "pure".

The musical director, Wolfgang Steubl, who is also the big band's vocal soloist, performs with a powerful voice and a great deal of passion. The fact that everything sounds so harmonious and looks so easy can be attributed to the experience and enjoyment of everyone involved.

The "Wolfgang Steubl BigBand" in combination with the "Grand Ball Orchestrar" is an unbeatable combination for great celebrations without interruption.

Ball and concert orchestra: 15 musicians with vocals